March/April Edition

Our March/April edition has hit the streets! If you haven’t found one yet, take a look around. From Garberville to Trinidad, Vol 1.3 is now available at various coffee shops, laundromats, libraries and family resource centers, hospitals, etc.¬†Email us at if you can’t find a copy and we’ll do our best to steer you in the right direction.

You can also read it online: just scroll down or read it as a PDF.

Now seeking submission for our May/June 2014 edition!

Check out Submissions for more info.

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2 responses to “March/April Edition

  1. If I had any influence, I would do two things: 1) Place the current edition on your front page post; and, 2) In the future present the articles with the ability to post on Facebook individually (Sacramento Bee has it when you share an article its website address is shown automatically when you post it – it provides credit where it is deserved – you deserve this!), Great on the last issue!

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